Noisy Theatre Audiences: WHY?

After a very pain inducing and anger fuelling experience at the cinema the other night, I feel it is relevant and very much needed to discuss audiences and audience etiquette.  My cinema experience angered me to my very core; one of my absolute pet hates is having to watch a film whilst the rest of the cinema talk, laugh and scream their way through it. Especially as this was my first viewing of the long awaited ‘Paranormal Activity’. I had read about the film about two years ago and was never sure if it would be popular let alone hailed as “one of the scariest movies of all time.” But its scariness depends on the ability for its viewers to become more and more tense and this generally requires silence. Therefore a film that I’m sure would have scared me to my very core left me feeling angry and not at all terrified; I was able to go home to an empty house and go to bed without any fear. I wished instead, that I had waited for the film to come out on DVD so I could be petrified in peace. But this in itself is a problem; should people have to not attend events that require an audience because they can’t be sure that the rest of the viewers can be trusted to remain quiet and respectful? If you find this matter frustrating in when it comes to film, your frustration will multiply tenfold when faced with the same situation, but in a theatre. Continue reading

Review: Couples Retreat

One of my favourite parts of going to the cinema is watching the commericials at the beginning… After all, commercials are made to make out that the film is the most fantastic film EVER, so if all you do is watch commercials, you’ll never be disappointed. Couples Retreat is a film I wish I had been satisifed with just watching its commercial. It looked funny, hilarious in fact and its leading cast of great comedic actors, such as Vince Vaughn, led me to believe that it would be great. Continue reading

Review: Our Class, Cottlesloe Theatre

“What choice did I have?” These are the words of one of the beautifully developed characters of Our Class and these four little words encapsulate the whole tone of the play which is plagued by blame, betrayal and human limits. Tadeusz Slobodzianek’s Polish play has premiered in the National Theatre in a translation by Ryan Craig, its content and events still being too current for the play to be staged in Poland itself. However the play is definitely not just for a Polish audience; its comments on the human condition make it a play which not only could, but should, be seen by audiences worldwide. Continue reading

Couples Retreat



Am going to see Couples Retreat tomorrow… It has a strong comedic cast but let’s see if it as funny as its cast dicatates it should be….My prediction is it’ll be funny but Heartbreak Kid funny, not Hangover funny. We shall see.

Review: Avenue Q, Gielgud Theatre

The Gielgud Theatre’s launch of the musical ‘Avenue Q’ is a storm of songs, visually excellent puppetry and parody. However, it is not one for the easily offended, dealing comically with issues such as racism, pornography, religion and homosexuality, to name a few. Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s idea is loosely based on Sesame Street however it is most definitely an adult show. It is an enjoyable way of spending an evening and charmingly does not pretend to be anything other than what it is: a funny musical, addressing adult issues, using puppets and various profanities. Continue reading

Welcome to Theatre and Film!

My name is Lia Yiacoumi….This is me….DSCF0731 I am aware of the fact that I look slightly unhinged, but I am being blasted  by 50 mph winds at the top of the Empire State Builing at the beginning of January…Absolutely bloody freezing!

My degree revolves around theatre and my biggest obsession is film. I go to the cinema normally around twice a week with my boyfriend who is also obsessed with going to the cinema…Soooo this little blog will give my opinion on both these lovely topics.

Please Enjoy….

P.S. Just wanted to show these pictures of myself in my university’s production of Jekyll and Hyde and one of the FABULOUS posters for the show…It was great fun, the best show I’ve been in so far and was completely SOLD OUT!!! GREAT TIMES. I am very proud to have been in this show.



  Jekyll and Hyde

  Royal Holloway